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3 Main Benefits of Summer Massage

Why Work with a Massage Therapist in the Summer?


Who doesn’t love the summer and the many great advantages this season offers? However, the beach, the ocean, and the other outdoor pleasures, and activities can cause stress to our body. This is the time of the year when we are physically active, and this is why planning a massage therapy every once in a while brings some wonderful benefits. What can a professional massage therapist tell you about them?

  • To relieve and reduce swelling; Summer means long days and hours outdoors. In many parts of America that means heat and high humidity. The combination of heat and humidity is bad for our body because it leads to dehydration and swelling. During the summer, many people complain of feeling less energetic. You can boost your tone and energy by having a massage therapy session. This is an excellent method to improve your blood flow to the lymph glands and therefore, reduce the process of swelling.

  • To relieve stress from yard work; Hot weather for many homeowners also means a lot of yard work. Many people like to scoop, plant flowers, mow their lawn, and other similar activities. Creating a single flower bed, for example, requires physical stamina and strength, not to mention the other tasks needed, such as tossing out heavy buckets with debris, moving the garden hose to irrigate the lawn, etc. When you schedule a massage session with a skilled therapist, you will get rid of the back, neck, and shoulder pain. It will promote better health and well-being in general.

  • To relieve stress from outdoor sports activities; How many summer sports do you know? Skateboarding, jogging, biking, tennis, or surfing, can be pretty exhausting. Planning regular massage sessions with a good local massage therapist will bring you relief from physical pain and discomfort.


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