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About Kat

massageI got my first Healing Arts job in 1979, teaching dance and doing massage therapy in a health club, even before I had formal massage training. My undergraduate degree in dance and the humanities was a natural introduction to understanding the body and mind. Over my 35 year practice, my mentors have been dance and art teachers; homeopathic and naturopathic physicians; trauma and attachment experts; relationship and leadership coaches; faith healers and prophetic evangelists; animal trainers and organic gardeners. . .in short, brilliant innovators who see the most coherent principles of life, and who have found ways to give their greatest gifts to see others grow.

Besides an insatiable curiosity about the mysteries of the human condition, I try to live a simple graceful life of worship and reverence for God in all I do. Besides my passion for the Healing Arts, my own therapy is gardening for food and beauty, dancing and drawing my story, hiking in wild and rocky landscapes, and learning the multi-faceted lessons of love.

I became an ordained minister of the Gospel, because the power of God is essential to healing. As I keep learning to apply the principles that Jesus taught, I see supernatural solutions to problems that transcend what I can do with my human abilities. There is something about healing that invites an ongoing conversation with our Creator to discern what is really going on. . .and I am awed and humbled by all the spiritual tools God has given us to heal. What if we could go beyond healing the brokenness in our lives, and be restored to our original design of being made in God’s image? We might have the vitality for self-healing, and be able to love and be loved without fear, fulfilling our destiny with incredible intuition, creativity, effectiveness!