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Classical Homeopathy

Classical Homeopathy

HOMEOPATHY is a complex system of natural medicine, that observes the state of a person on all levels of their being, and seeks to match the best possible the substance in the natural world that covers the person’s symptoms. At its essence, the most important things about Homeopathy are:
The mission of Homeopathy is to help your body heal itself, rapidly, gently, and permanently.

Homeopathy addresses all aspects of health: physical, mental, emotional; even spiritual.

Homeopathic remedies are matched to the unique symptoms you are experiencing, as opposed to being linked to a specific diagnosis or ailment.

What are the origins of Homeopathy?

The roots of Homeopathy go back to Hippocrates, the ancient Greek “Father of Medicine”. In his writings Hippocrates mentioned two methods of healing: one by “contraries”, and one by “similars”. Samuel Hahnemann, a German doctor (1755-1843), translated many ancient medical texts into the modern system we know as Homeopathy. It is a highly respected system of holistic science that has been practiced throughout the world for centuries.



How do “similar” or “contraries” work?

Homeopathy is a system of natural healing founded on the principle “like cures like”. Homeopathic remedies are “similars”, and are comprised of minute dilutions of substances that subtly imitate the problem, stimulating the body to heal itself. Any system that helps you face a problem can be described by the phrase “the only way out is through.”


Allopathic medicine employs “contraries”, using different types of medicines and surgeries to suppress symptoms. Suppression can lead to the phrase “what you resist persists”. The use of a “remedy” or a “similar” helps stuck symptoms move through the natural stages of healing rather than stopping or suppressing them.


How does Homeopathy define disease?

Symptoms of disease pose limitations to our mental, emotional, and/or physiological well being. Homeopathy recognizes these symptoms as expressions of the body in distress. If properly listened to, they can provide clues to the cure. Acute diseases produce fever, pain, discharges, and often a change in disposition, and are more obvious to address. Chronic dis-eases produce symptoms that have progressed for a while, and are degenerative. Their complexity requires greater effort and more time to treat.

How does Homeopathy define health?


Health is freedom on all levels of our being: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual—when all components of our being are working in sync to optimize the quality of our lives.


What does “constitutional” mean?

Our “constitution” is our inherited body type, with patterns of strengths and weaknesses passed down from previous generations. Therefore, a constitutional homeopathic interview discovers who you are as whole person, not just a set of localized symptoms.


What is a Homeopathic Remedy?

Homeopathic remedies originate from substances extracted from the natural world–from animals, plants, and minerals–many of which have proven successful over centuries of use. They are prepared in a special process of dilution and succussion (shaking), that changes the properties from bio-chemical (as in herbal tinctures) to bio-energetic. They are highly diluted into a nano-dose to remove any possible toxicity. Altogether, there are more than 2,500 Homeopathic remedies. A well chosen remedy, working on the principle of “like cures like,” can be very powerful and long lasting.





My unique approach to the use of Homeopathic Remedies

I work with you, paying close attention to your difficulties, as I attempt to discover the ideal remedy. Together we look for the unique patterns expressed in your condition. What circumstances produced the problem? When did it begin? What makes it better or worse? Your dreams, your habits, your thoughts and feelings: all these may reveal something about your discomfort, and help me discover the right remedy.
Using massage and somatic psychotherapy (also called mind-body therapies) together with Homeopathy is another way to discern the roots of problem and to help alleviate it. This unique combination of massage therapy, somatic psychotherapy and homeopathy can ease the body and clear the mind at the same time.


How is a Homeopathic remedy different from conventional medicine?

Rather than using modern diagnostic techniques, and disease labels employed by allopathic medicine, the homeopathic practitioner is more interested in the patient’s context and their subjective experience of the problem. Each person and their issues are seen individually. For example, a person suffering from a morning cough and one with an evening cough would be treated the same with conventional medicine, while with homeopathy they would be handled differently.
Homeopathic treatment addresses both the common and unusual symptoms a person is experiencing, and anything that makes your symptoms unique. The person’s attitudes and emotions can be integral components of the problem and may also provide valuable clues to discovering the correct remedy.
This is similar to how customized the other things I do as well. While doctors would treat many different types of muscle pain with muscle relaxers and pain medication, I might use neuromuscular therapy to help reset the nerve pathways to the muscle in spasm, and discover the stresses that are causing the body to tighten.


What can I expect?

The goal is to help you feel healthier physically, to be clearer mentally, and to grow into a more profound understanding of life. When the correct remedy is given, it can work very quickly and dramatically to help your body heal the problem, especially when the problem is acute. If your difficulty is chronic, the process may take more time. In either case, it is not uncommon for the remedy to intensify the symptoms temporarily. This is followed by gradual improvement as the body does what it needs to do to clear up old unresolved issues, and re-establish balance and wholeness.



How many sessions are required for results?

An acute remedy can take hours, or even several weeks to produce desired results. A constitutional remedy may require a second session within six weeks to evaluate progress. Subsequent treatments may be necessary depending upon results.
There are many factors that influence the rapidity of healing: your hereditary vitality, the severity of the condition, the nature and quality of previous drugs taken, and persistent lifestyle choices that can present obstacles to healing. Homeopathy can also work with you as a complementary support if you are under Allopathic care for the condition.

My goals and commitment as a Homeopathic practitioner:

I do my best to respectfully address your difficulty holistically, to help your body heal itself, using the best possible choice of Homeopathic Remedies, supported my Massage therapy, Body-Mind Psychotherapy. . .and prayer for the blessing of Almighty God, the Great Physician.