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More About the Exceptional Therapeutic Massage Therapies I Perform

Massage therapy by itself is a great way to balance your body’s stresses. The goal of each hour and a half session I provide is to relieve the pain and the stresses of life and catalyze the discovery of new vitality, creativity, and resources. Stay on this page to find out more about the excellent therapeutic massage therapies I perform for my customers in and around the [ln] area.


If you are a person who does a physically demanding job you depend on your relationship with your body. If you have traumas, you may be seeking a holistic approach. Regardless of the type of physical pain or chaotic emotions you experience, scheduling an appointment with [cn] will be beneficial for you. I perform different types of therapeutic massage therapies that will help me address the physical aspect of your pain.


My healing sessions always start with the body. There are numerous doorways into your whole body, through the many different systems. I use several techniques to address the muscular system, then move to the nervous system and thus everything else. I use techniques from Swedish massage, neuromuscular massage, deep tissue massage, prenatal massage, manual lymph drainage and more.


Here is the list of the massage therapy treatment techniques I use:

  • Neuromuscular and deep tissue massage;

  • Sports massage;

  • Manual lymph drainage;

  • Pregnancy, birthing, and postpartum massage;

  • Bowen therapy;

  • Neurostructural integration;

  • Active isolated stretching;

  • Reflexology;

  • Craniosacral therapy;

  • Swedish massage;

  • Infant massage;

  • And much more.


Everyone can benefit from a deeper relationship with themselves, we get one chance at this life, so taking good care of our body, mind, and spirit is a great responsibility and privilege. If you are interested in learning more about the excellent therapeutic massage service I provide, feel free to contact [cn].


I offer consultations in my office in [ln] or over the phone. Regardless of the type of service you need, I will make sure to help you stay attuned and at your peak. Call me at [phone] to book an appointment.