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38 Years of experience in the Healing Arts

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An Integrative Process of Body Mind Healing Is Here


Intuitively, you already know your health concerns are deeply connected to everything you have been through. The principle that we are one whole being, and that mind and body are inseparable is the foundation of all the methods of my practice.


Are you someone:


  • who is curious about feeling better after 1 session?

  • with any kind of stress who wants to deal with it preventively?

  • in physical pain who suspects the stress in their life might be contributing to it?

  • undergoing any medical treatment that treats your symptoms, but leaves you out as a person?

  • who doesn’t want to take drugs for pain (or who wants to get off them), but wants to deal with the root causes?

  • who wants a more integrative practitioner on their already established health care team?

  • who has a trauma history that has been overlooked as they deal with medical issues?

  • who believes our bodies are the temples of our spirit, and wants to care for both?

  • who wants to savor life, and really love and enjoy their body, soul and spirit?

  • who wants doesn’t want to leave their body out of their spiritual life?

  • who is healthy, who wants to stay healthy into their old age?

  • who is on a journey of transformation and self-discovery?

  • who wants to explore self love with self care?


  • Bowen therapy
  • Classical Homeopathy therapy
  • Psycho mind-body therapy
  • Postpartum massage
  • Pregnancy massage
  • Manual lymph therapy
  • Neuromuscular therapy
  • Christian healing
  • Deep tissue therapy
A woman, performing a deep tissue massage
Therapeutic Massage Somatic Mind Body Psychotherapy Classical Homeopathy