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Somatic Psychotherapy

Somatic Psychotherapy

~Laws of Healing~

Getting well, staying well
When we talk about healing, we are often thinking about physical healing alone; we locate the source of pain in our body and attempt to alleviate it. But beyond the body, healing encompasses the soul. Both need to be considered and treated well. Often we feel the pain of the soul even more intensely than the pain in the body. So we may ask, from where does the soul draw the confidence for healing the body and healing itself? This confidence comes from love. It draws on a love far surpassing the love that makes us ill, because, surprisingly, illness is also a manifestation of love, though its nature is of a different ilk. The love that heals the soul – and then the body – is unfathomable, outside the scope of intellect, and yet we know that it is there, vast and powerful. And so we contemplate it, lower our heads before it, accept it wholly.
Burt Hellinger

SE or Somatic Experiencing:

Somatic ExperiencingThe many forms of trauma overwhelm different parts of our bodies and souls. By bringing awareness to sensation, emotion, images, movements and the meanings we ascribe to these events, things that have been frozen into the past can be released.

Somatic Experiencing: http://www.traumahealing.com/somatic-experiencing/Close

Psycho-Motoric Development

psychomotoric developmentEarly traumas influence how our bodies and personalities develop. There are ties between developmental stages and certain muscle groups, and working with those areas of the body can help restore missing resources for confidence.

Psycho motoric development: http://bodynamicusa.com/Close

Hellinger Constellation Work

Hellinger FamilyBy linking current life situations (like illness, depression, relationship difficulties or career problems) with hidden family and generational patterns, you can separate your story from that of your ancestors. This method provides a living map of the complexity of family and other interpersonal dynamics, and is an exceptionally effective way of helping individuals, couples and families experience new ways of relating.

Hellinger Family Constellation Work: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Family_Constellations

Palm Therapy

palm therapyTied into the deepest suffering are distorted beliefs about who we are, and whether we belong here. By holding points on the palm, the connections between the negative beliefs and the physical dis-ease can be re-wired for positive potential and freedom.

Palm Therapy: http://www.palmtherapy-europe.com/english-information/Close

TRE or Trauma Releasing Exercises

TREBy doing a series of gentle exercises, that stimulate the release of held tensions, you can be empowered to release trauma on your own. The goal of all trauma work is a self-regulating resilience.

Trauma Releasing Exercises: http://traumaprevention.com/http://www.palmtherapy-europe.com/english-information/Close

Classical Homeopathy

Classical HomeopathyBecause homeopathic remedies also have both physical symptoms and a distinct psychological profile, these modalities are also very helpful revealing deeper roots to the problem, as well as speeding up your healing process.

Homeopathy: http://www.nationalcenterforhomeopathy.org/Close

Mind-Body Bowen

Mind-Body Bowen applies the traditional Bowen technique in a slightly different way. Because Bowen works directly with the nervous system, it has a unique ability to connect our emotional issues to our physical discomfort. The trauma can become frozen in cellular memory, and interfere with one of our basic resources: resilliance. The Bowen “moves” provide a catalyst for the body to process the traumatic reactions both physically and emotionally, restoring greater peace and creativity.Close

Higher Alignment Relationship Coaching

Higher Alignment Relationship CoachingThere are many layers of our personality that can be defined in a relationship profile. This gives a couple a way to see their differences in an objective way that does not place blame, but names different styles of perception and character. Co-creativity in many areas of life can be cultivated with communication skills, empathy and trust.Close