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by Michele on CN
Divinely Inspired

Kat is magic. Or rather divinely inspired. Her intuitive wisdom is unsurpassed. Her mind, body, spirit, heart and soul all seem to be completely unified to touch the mind, body, spirit, heart and soul of the recipient. That depth of personal integrity and evolved wisdom make for a session that leaves one feeling, nourished, healed, touched, and held. It's a pure blessing to receive Kat's prayerful, healing touch.

by Miriam Pollack on CN
Sacred Healing

It is with a sense of great humility that I undertake the privilege of sharing with others the extraordinary skill and depth of character, of healer, par excellence, Kat Shea. I have had the great pleasure of experience Kat’s healing hands and heart many, many times. She is not only versed in multiple body healing modalities, but she seems to have brains at the tips of her supple, warm hands. She intuitively knows where to go, what pressure to exert and what techniques to use. Recently, I had an outbreak of shingles, but was clueless as to what was going on. I only knew that my inner thigh muscle was in nearly constant spasm, preventing me from walking normally, and making it nearly impossible to sleep. After a session with Kat, so much of the pain was gone and didn’t return. The difference was astonishing, and when I found out that, indeed, the culprit was Shingles, I was even more impressed with her masterful touch. To be in Kat’s hands, is to enter into a sanctuary of sacred healing. She is one of the truly gifted healers among us. ~Miriam

by Carla Daehnke on CN
Very Grateful!

Kat has an amazing healing gift and a tremendous understanding of the spirit/ soul/ body connection. She helped me move out of anxiety and insomnia as I was getting off several drugs after years of chronic illness. Kat flows in an amazing intuitive and sensitive spirit rhythm as she releases healing and restoration during her body work. She has a beautiful heart and carries great passion to serve others any way she can. I'm very grateful for her friendship, love and care.

by Annette Hagedorn on CN

A sacred heart for healing arts. Kat Shea is a wonderful, receptive, and well learned healer. Best kept secret of the Boulder foothills. She has been healing my entire family for years through her extensive knowledge of different massage techniques and other wonderful therapies sure to set the pain free. I thank you from my heart for your caring and effective help this year after the car accident. I will be calling you very soon to continue the healing path you have so graciously offered, and I have so wonderfully benefitted from~ Love to you, and all you know~ Annette

by Mica Graves Equine therapist and mother on CN

Kat Shea is magical. She has done everything from relieving sciatica pain (with Bowen technique and massage), to curing me of reoccurring bouts of malaria (homeopathy), to making me feel very supported during a challenging pregnancy (talking with me and the baby), to kick starting my contractions after they had stalled out mid-labor. She has a gift for understanding what you and your body need and then tailoring what she offers to precisely meet you. She works out of a beautiful stone cottage at the base of Dakota Ridge in North Boulder, so a trip to see her is a treat in and of itself.

by Elsmie Otto on CN

I got to know Kat in July 2014 when I attended the Dance of Adolescence training by Melissa Michaels in Boulder. I was fortunate enough to stay with her for a few days. Just being in her presence, driving up and down the mountain every day and talking about everything from the trivial to the sacred, forever changed me. Below is just one of the wonderful adventures we shared...

It's close to midnight. Kat is planting a hibiscus in her garden given to her by a friend. It's a new moon. The air is cool and the neighbourhood is quiet. I'm mostly there for moral support as Kat knows her way around gardens. As we spread the last of the soil around the hibiscus Kat says a prayer and tells the plant that this spot will be its new home and it may bloom as planned. Which is soon. Apparently nobody plants this time of year. I am transported to another world where I had a grandmother telling me stories about the bible in a sacred and reverent way. Stories with magical mystery and practical application. Like planting a hibiscus at the wrong time of the year. There's a certain beauty in living this way. Deeply faith-full and filled with reverence for all of life and yet also practical and steadfast in being fully human. I admire this in Kat. She reminds me of all the wonderful things Christianity brought to humankind. She lives and breathes the ancient teachings and true Christ consciousness. That is what I learned tonight gardening under the stars. There is never a wrong time for anything. And that is why we pray and invoke goodness and faith in everything we do, especially when it seems ill-timed, wrong or awkward.

May the hibiscus come to full bloom in its own time.

by LB on CN

I first met Kat in 2001 after I was hit by a drunk driver (for the second time in my life) at the age of 20. Kat not only tended to my physical injuries, she helped me sort through the emotional trauma I was also dealing with. Over the next 3 years, I found solace and refuge as I continued to work with Kat to heal both physically and emotionally. Our sessions ended in 2004 when I moved out of state. I never forgot Kat, and I've never met anyone else with her amazing capabilities. During a visit to Boulder in 2014, I was able to reconnect with Kat and have an amazing massage and reunion with one of the most passionate, engaging, and love-filled people I have ever met. Kat is truly a blessing.

by NM museum educator on CN

"Kat Shea is the best! After a rollover car accident, I was examined by Urgent Care and told I had no broken bones but I was bruised and shaken and would benefit from a series of massages. Kat’s name was given to me. That was 1999 and I have been a devoted and regular client since then. Kat is skilled, thorough and highly professional. I recommend her unequivocally."

by ME writer on CN

"I had the good fortune of receiving a gift to have a massage when I was going through my chemo treatments. Having met Kat through a mutual friend, a doctor no less, I began going to her Healing Arts practice. Although I'd never had a massage before, Kat's kindness, good listening ear and supportive demeanor combined with her skill in treating my body has remained one of my most treasured experiences from that challenging time. I have been seeing her monthly for seven years now and would be reluctant to have another give me a massage. Kat Shea knows my body, mind and soul through her careful healing touch. Believing so strongly in her ability caused me to share this through a gift certificate so another could benefit from her Healing Arts practice."

by CP somatic psychotherapist on CN

Kat Shea is a true Old World Healer. Her voracious thirst for knowledge, both medical/scientific and spiritual/soulful means she approaches each client with an extraordinary holism that is rare, even for practitioners who call themselves 'holistic'. She is a deep listener with profound structural knowledge of the human body as well as the human psyche and the myriad points of connection which allow for true health and vitality. She is a community health care practitioner, tending to entire families, keeping an eye out for the health of the system as a whole, while tending intimately to each unique part. She develops in-depth tapestries of wisdom for each client she sees so everything new lands in a context of wholeness which she tends to diligently. My entire family and most of my close community are tended to by Kat Shea, and this will be true as long as Kat is seeing clients.

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