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If you are a professional dancer or athlete, or do another physically demanding job, this work can help you address overuse issues, and stay attuned and at your peak.

If you are stressed out in a fast paced job or school, or parenting the complex needs of your children, this work can help you slow down to find the balance you need to stay healthy in spite of the stresses.

If you have had traumas, injuries or illnesses, you may be seeking a holistic, drug free approach, and this integrative approach to the whole person can help you discover and effectively address the root causes.

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by Robert Dresner on Kat Shea Healing Arts

I have been a client of Kat Shea for six years. I have seen her for a multitude of problems including chronic back issues and for the treatment of a rare, debilitating auto-immune disorder. I’ve walked into her house hurting so much that I could barely climb the three steps to her front door and I left smiling. Kat has magic hands with an unerring instinct to identify the problem and assuage the pain. Apart from that, she is a great soul with boundless energy and compassion, a most remarkable woman.Robert Dresner

by Bryan Holden on Kat Shea Healing Arts
What modern medicine is missing

Kat is truly the example of what modern medicine is missing. Her ability to identify the root causes of both physical and mental conditions is truly a gift gained through her decades of experience. She has helped me personally over the years work through sprains, tears, slipped vertebrae, and emotional traumas. From the moment I walk into her office I know that everything will be okay and that she fully understands what I am experiencing. Kat Shea is what every Doctor, Healer, Energy Worker should aspire to be. If there is anything in your life that ails you that you are ready to integrate and heal, contact Kat now.

Fabulous session!

Kat is by far one of the best healers I’ve ever had the privilege of being on her table. Well versed in several modalities and deeply generous of her insights. You must experience her work. Book a session today.

Me and My Family

My family has been recieving Kat Shea's wonderful healing talents for many years.  Her ability to find and focus her talents to your pain is extraordinary.  In the last two years I have seen more of her to help me through a car accident and subsequent surgery.  She is uncanny to relieve pain at the very source. She also helped with the emotional and actual stresses of healing after an accident, the legal issues, and the healing process. Kat gave the most clarified report to the insurance company of all the doctors I had swarming around.  She also brought on the most productive healing for me.  Thanks to you Kat, and we will see you again in two weeks!   ~

by Amber Morrison on Kat Shea Healing Arts
Real Help

Finding a skilled massage therapist and an authentic, humble healer can be challenging, especially given the expanse of spiritual materialism and plethora of self-proclaimed gurus currently in the area, so discovering Kat Shea's healing work has been simultaneously a relief and a true blessing. Whether you are seeking support for physical training and athletic endeavors, searching to alleviate nagging chronic conditions, or working through difficult emotional or traumatic events, Kat has both the skill and wisdom to meet your needs should you endeavor to actively engage in a therapeutic process with her. I initially sought her services to support my training for endurance athletic events. Our work not only effectively enabled my physical health and conditioning, she also facilitated a healing process of some old emotional trauma. I am grateful to have been referred to Kat and I will continue to work with her.

by Michele on Kat Shea Healing Arts
Divinely Inspired

Kat is magic. Or rather divinely inspired. Her intuitive wisdom is unsurpassed. Her mind, body, spirit, heart and soul all seem to be completely unified to touch the mind, body, spirit, heart and soul of the recipient. That depth of personal integrity and evolved wisdom make for a session that leaves one feeling, nourished, healed, touched, and held. It's a pure blessing to receive Kat's prayerful, healing touch.

by Miriam Pollack on Kat Shea Healing Arts
Sacred Healing

It is with a sense of great humility that I undertake the privilege of sharing with others the extraordinary skill and depth of character, of healer, par excellence, Kat Shea. I have had the great pleasure of experience Kat’s healing hands and heart many, many times. She is not only versed in multiple body healing modalities, but she seems to have brains at the tips of her supple, warm hands. She intuitively knows where to go, what pressure to exert and what techniques to use. Recently, I had an outbreak of shingles, but was clueless as to what was going on. I only knew that my inner thigh muscle was in nearly constant spasm, preventing me from walking normally, and making it nearly impossible to sleep. After a session with Kat, so much of the pain was gone and didn’t return. The difference was astonishing, and when I found out that, indeed, the culprit was Shingles, I was even more impressed with her masterful touch. To be in Kat’s hands, is to enter into a sanctuary of sacred healing. She is one of the truly gifted healers among us. ~Miriam

by Carla Daehnke on Kat Shea Healing Arts
Very Grateful!

Kat has an amazing healing gift and a tremendous understanding of the spirit/ soul/ body connection. She helped me move out of anxiety and insomnia as I was getting off several drugs after years of chronic illness. Kat flows in an amazing intuitive and sensitive spirit rhythm as she releases healing and restoration during her body work. She has a beautiful heart and carries great passion to serve others any way she can. I'm very grateful for her friendship, love and care.

by Annette Hagedorn on Kat Shea Healing Arts

A sacred heart for healing arts. Kat Shea is a wonderful, receptive, and well learned healer. Best kept secret of the Boulder foothills. She has been healing my entire family for years through her extensive knowledge of different massage techniques and other wonderful therapies sure to set the pain free. I thank you from my heart for your caring and effective help this year after the car accident. I will be calling you very soon to continue the healing path you have so graciously offered, and I have so wonderfully benefitted from~ Love to you, and all you know~ Annette

by Mica Graves Equine therapist and mother on Kat Shea Healing Arts

Kat Shea is magical. She has done everything from relieving sciatica pain (with Bowen technique and massage), to curing me of reoccurring bouts of malaria (homeopathy), to making me feel very supported during a challenging pregnancy (talking with me and the baby), to kick starting my contractions after they had stalled out mid-labor. She has a gift for understanding what you and your body need and then tailoring what she offers to precisely meet you. She works out of a beautiful stone cottage at the base of Dakota Ridge in North Boulder, so a trip to see her is a treat in and of itself.

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Everyone can benefit from a deeper relationship with themselves. We only get one chance at this life, so taking good care of our body, soul and spirit is our great privilege and responsibility.